Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • Detailed Gap Analysis
  • KG will deploy best possible combination of resource persons (Physician + Coder, Nurse + Coder and Qualified Statistician) – experienced Physicians + Healthcare Administrators. Work closely with Coding Analyst and HIM team
  • Sample Chart Analysis based on International Statistics Norms and Best Practices.
  • Detailed documentation review based on International Coding Guidelines, International Clinical Documentation Best Practices, DOH Adjudication Rules and Clinical Practices.
  • Engagement with Physicians (Consultants, Specialists and Residents), Case Managers, Coding Teams and RCM teams to understand current challenges.
  • Extensive analysis of Length of Stay at DRG Level and comparisons against International Standards.
  • Operational Gap Analysis
  • Identified Training Needs for Physicians and other Clinical Teams, training materials developed
  • Physician and Clinical Teams Engagement Model for CDI


  • Implement Physician and Clinician Engagement Model for CDI
  • Training of Physicians, Case Managers, Coders and RCM Teams on CDI
  • Develop CDI Guidelines for different categories of Medical and Clinical Teams
  • CDI always carries a risk of increased denials. Based on the industry experience in Abu Dhabi (with Daman, other payers and Private Sector Hospitals) KG is capable of minimizing that risk through a Denial Prevention Programme
  • Monitor payer denials trends and provide training and documentation support for Physicians for continuous improvement (Programme Sustainability)
  • Manage the CDI Programme with adequate resources and accountability
  • Actively support to reduce Length of Stay in parallel to CDI

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