Audit Services

  • Coding/Documentation Audits
  • Revenue Cycle/ Account Receivable Audits
  • Focused Audits
  • Audit Validation
  • Litigation Support/ Experts witness
  • Audit plan Development
  • Appeals
  • Physicians/ Coder Education

Documentation and Coding Assessment

Our assessments have shown that even with the best intentions, the complexities of today’s health care charting and coding requirements result in either under coding or over coding/under documenting on over 1/3 of all encounters. Inaccurate coding directly impacts the revenue of the practice and will leave a physician exposed to the risk of refunds and penalties.

Our affordable solutions can ensure you get paid for the services you provide. Experienced and certified coding auditors provide a thorough analysis of your documentation and coding to identify areas of improvement. We can then train and educate your staff on accurate documentation and coding to ensure optimal revenue for your business.

Sample Audit Report

Coding Scorecard

FINDINGAhmedShawnSudhirNagmaPractice Overall Rate
Correctly Coded40%60%60%60%55%
Over coded or Under Documented40%20%40%30%32.5%
Under coded20%20%0%10%12.5%

Financial Impact

ProviderAnnual EncounterEncounters Overloaded or Under DocumentedRevenue at Risk*Encounters UndercodedPotential Revenue Increase*
Ahmed3,5331,413AED 59,346706AED 29,652
Shawn2,987597AED 25,074597AED 25,074
Sudhir2,9171,167AED 49,0140AED –
Naghma3,182954AED 40,068318AED 13,356
Practice Total12,6194,131,AED 173,5021,621AED 68,082

You contact KG and then send your medical records securely, either electronically or Onsite

KG scans the records and chooses an auditor based on your needs and specialty

The auditor performs the complete audit and writes the audit report, and then sends the results back to KG senior audit staff.

The senior audit staff checks and validates the auditor’s findings, and calls to discuss the results with you. You receive a full written report

Health care is changing. Do you feel it?

  • The business of health care is evolving rapidly. Reimbursements are being cut, while complex legal and regulatory requirements are increasing. Compliance programs are mandated and Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) have already begun auditing physician practices. At the same time you still have to efficiently run your practice, maintain financial strength, manage your staff, and ultimately provide quality health care for your patients.
  • KG will help you navigate these complexities with proven expertise and tools to sustain order, preserve confidence, and achieve profitability

KG Invicta Services

we are committed to improving the quality of patient care in the healthcare industry today.